I've been going to Signature Chiropractic for a only about a month so far. Within that month I have noticed huge improvements with my pain and migraines. I use to suffer from chronic migraines, I couldn't stand or sit for more than 30 minutes, and everyday activities such as doing laundry or cleaning a litter box were a hassle with the amount of pain it caused. I also was having trouble sleeping; I would toss and turn and not fall asleep until the early mornings because of the restlessness in my legs. The overall pain and discomfort has decreased significantly, and it has only been a month! I can do all the things mentioned above, I have more energy, and I feel happier. The staff is also extremely cool. Dr. Kim is really cool, and truly cares about his patients. I appreciate that he truly listens, gives great advice to further our treatment, and believes in fixing the issue not just masking it"

- Sara

"I'm a plumber who was no longer able to work, move, or really even sleep due to severe back pain. I have a co-worker who had same issue and been coming here for regular maintenance after his problem was resolved. Now, I didn't really trust doctors but I trusted my colleague and since he is couple decades older than me but his mobility is pretty good I figured I'd take a chance. I'm so glad I did, I've been able to go back to work, I sleep way better and haven't been this flexible since my late twenties."

- Edmond

"I have had terrible back pain the majority of my life. I have a herniated disc and have been in three car accidents. I was online looking for a new chiropractor and came across Dr. Kim. His care has been top notch and I'm so glad I made the switch to his office. He is very educated and knows what he's doing plus he's living in the 21st century. His staff is also amazing. Thanks Dr. Kim, I haven't felt this great in many years."

- Jesse

"Love Dr. Kim and all the work he does. Wendy is amazing as well. No more migraines and neck pain for me and even my kids enjoy getting adjusted by him. Trustworthy and honest people and I love that the Christian radio station is always on when I walk in.Jesse"

- Adina

"I injured myself when I was working as a certified caregiver about 10 years ago due to lack of body mechanics. When I'm in so much pain I just take some pain reliever and it gives a few hours of relief and use heating pad for minor pain. One day my co-worker told me that she goes to a chiropractor to help get rid of her migraine and she told me to check it out for my back pain. I was so happy I did because right now I can do my exercise and hiking pain free (my back) and besides that my digestive system works much better. I highly recommend Dr. Albert Kim to everybody who has issue with back pain, migraine and indigestion. Thank you Dr. Kim for the good care and treatment you provided me."

- Marlene

"I'm a 25 year old pianist, programmer, and gamer. Over the years, my bad posture digressed my health into chronic back / neck pain and overall fatigue. My back was as stiff as a plank. My first appointment into corrective care made a world of difference, as Dr. Kim specifically addressed my issues. After a couple months, I have way more endurance and energy than I can remember ever having and more importantly... my back pain is gone! They are very flexible with scheduling, honestly as long as you show up, they'll take you (from experience). Appointments are quick, fast, and feel great. Love the people that work there. For anyone still reading, spinal health can actually solve a lot of problems you would have never guessed. Your organs, limbs, and brain all communicate through the spine, if it's not aligned or damaged, you can expect yourself to always be fatigued, sick with a cold, sore or in a lot of pain because your muscles are being stretched out cause your spine is contorted. I would really recommend anyone looking for better health to take a moment to talk to Dr. Kim and you will witness the power behind natural spinal corrections. Medication and even surgery can sometimes be a band-aid to what you really need. Dr. Kim really changed my outlook on how to approach my health."

- Matthew

My arms and hands would go numb at certain positions interfering with simple daily activities. I had been to a neurologist who basically brushed it off after doing a few tests. Getting more frustrated I turned to Dr. Kim. Within a few weeks I have found relief. I can now get through the day without my arms and hands going numb and do the things I love to do.THANK YOU DR. KIM!!!!!!"

- Tina

Since I have relocated to Arizona, I have decided to finally benefit of the year round outdoor activities. After a couple of hikes I ended up seeing my doctor just to be told that my only option was surgery, this after exhausting physical therapy which provided absolutely no improvement. Viewing the iconic landmarks from the parking lot was to be my new reality. I have reluctantly accepted as a last resort to see a chiropractor. Three times a week and three months later I was back on my feet. Within six months I started going hiking, doing longer and more difficult hikes. No pills, no surgery, just chiropractic visits. He made a believer out of me and since then every time I reach a hiking destination I thank God for bringing Dr. Kim to my aid. I highly recommend Signature Chiropractic and Dr. Albert Kim to anyone who suffers physically. To all the skeptics out there: chiropractic really works! My wife was right.

- Flaviu

Dr. Kim has been amazing along with his assistant Wendy very honest and kind people, it has been a month and I already feel so much better from neck, back and massive tension I had on my shoulders and arms, I highly recommend his practice to everybody, you won't be disappointed !!!! I could give 10 stars, but there are only 5.

- Mari

"A great team of people working together in his office. I always look forward to going there for adjustments and leave with a smile on my face. Dr. kim is not only a excellent Chiropractor,I consider him to be a health coach too! always ready to take you to the next level of health the natural drug free way.The way we were created to be."

- Julie S.