Dr. Albert Kim

Doctor of Chiropractic

Hi, I’m Dr. Kim and I’m a native to beautiful southern California. After graduating from one of the most elite and prestigious chiropractic schools in 2001, I ended up working as an associate for one of the top 1% of practices in southern California. I then decided to move in 2005 and started to serve my community of Peoria, AZ.

I’ve had the humble privilege to take care of the people within my community and see their lives transformed, to live life the way it was meant to be lived, FULLY ALIVE! I’m passionate about people realizing their full health potential vs. living in sickness, illness, and disease. I can truly say I’m blessed to be in a profession to see so many miracles happen naturally, without drugs or surgery. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family that includes my wife of 16 years Sharon and my 3 beautiful kids, Andrew, Audrey, and Aleena. If I’m not in the office I’m training for my next triathlon. My goal is to do a full Iron man! I am excited to meet you and see you live a life different than the one right now. You deserve it! Hope and healing is what happens at Signature Chiropractic!

Sharon DeMund

Office Manager

Hello…my name is Sharon DeMund. My husband Greg and I moved to Arizona 13 years ago from cold, snowy New Hampshire. NH was a fun place to raise our 3 children but we are enjoying the warmth and sun of Arizona. We have 7 grandchildren, who along with their parents, all live nearby in AZ. They bring us tremendous joy and lots of fun experiences. My true goal in life is to do God’s will in every aspect of my life regarding work, church, and home life.

I enjoy interacting with people and hope to make a difference with everyone I meet. I love to travel, play games and relax at the beach whenever possible.

I am truly enjoying my role at Signature Chiropractic, meeting great patients and working with Dr. Kim.